A virtual ACP is displayed on the left-hand pane of screen and shows a graphical representation of the ACP appropriate to the aircraft type.

Momentary switches may be pressed by touching them on the display.

Three-position toggle switches can be set to any of their states by touching just to the side of the switch in the direction the user wants it to move. The switch will latch in position if this is the behaviour of the aircraft panel, if not it will return to the centre when the user releases their finger. Touching anywhere on the latched switch will cause it to unlatch and return to the centre.

Briefly touching a Volume knob toggles it in or out.

Volume levels are adjusted by selecting the Volume knobs and then sliding the finger left or right to decrease or increase the volume.

The volume decreases/increases gradually as long as the user's finger remains in contact with the interactive area of the touchscreen.

Operation Tips: Arrows are displayed while adjusting the volume as a reminder of how the slider operates. The active direction (i.e. volume increase/decrease) is displayed in green. A bar graph is displayed to show the current volume level selected.