This page is selectable from the Plots tab suite and consists of three graphs:

The departure plots are active when the aircraft is in proximity to the active runway. The 'box' limits around the runway are:

The 'zero' point on the graphs is the active runway threshold.

The runway image on the lateral deviation graph is sized to the actual runway length as defined in the Navigation Data.

The plots are erased under the following conditions:

The lateral and vertical deviation graphs display a vertical yellow bar across the plot as an 'incident' marker. This is displayed when any malfunction is activated while these plots are active. The position of the marker is determined by the aircraft position at the time of the incident.

The position of Microbursts and Windshears are displayed using representative symbols (a shear sign and a spiral with a down arrow) on the lateral deviation and altitude graphs. The symbols are displayed in magenta.

The following data readouts and buttons are displayed in the plot toolbar area (directly below the Page Navigation Toolbar):

Erase Track Erases the current plot.
Scale Allows you to change the scale of the plot (auto, high, medium, low).