Evacuation procedures Flight Compartment

Emergency evacuation

  1. If not already done, operate the EMERGENCY STOP.
  2. Tell all on-board personnel to prepare to evacuate.
  3. If the motion is in use, stay seated and do not release your seat harness.
  4. Wait for the motion system to settle.
  5. If in use, return the movable panel (120VU) to its stowed postion.
  6. All seats to be stowed or moved to the evacuate position.
  7. The instructor seat can be moved manually after the seat is unlocked using the manual override lever.
  8. If in use, then remove headset and oxygen mask.
  9. Release seat harness and go to the exit door.
  10. First person to open the exit door.
  11. Open the gate and use the drawbridge to get out of the flight compartment.

NOTE 1: The escape ladder is only to be used if the drawbridge cannot be lowered and life is in immediate danger.

NOTE 2: The instructions for deployment of the emergency ladder are located on the bag containing the emergency escape ladder (A5 sized laminated card)