Toolbar Area (1 of 2)

The Toolbar Area is positioned on the right hand side of the screen and consists of three main areas:

Page Navigation Toolbar

This area displays the following buttons which provide access to the pages.

Master IndexDisplays Master Index page within the Simulator Control tab suite.
Malfs/CBsDisplays the Malf Index page within the Malfunctions/Circuit Breakers tab suite.
Freeze/ResetDisplays the Main Freezes/Resets page within the Freeze/Resets tab suite.
Posn CtrlDisplays the Reposition page with the Position Control tab suite.
A/C CtrlDisplays the Services page within the Aircraft Control tab suite.
Env CtrlDisplays the Basic page within the Environment Control tab suite.
Area MapDisplays Area Map page.
Plots/DataDisplays the Approach page within the Plots tab suite.
StatusDisplays the Malf/CB Status page within the Status/Monitor tab suite.
TrafficDisplays the Predictable Scenarios page within the Traffic tab suite.
Arpt TraffDisplays the Airport Traffic page within the Traffic tab suite.
Sim CtrlDisplays the Customer Options page within the Simulator Control tab suite.
Nav/CommsDisplays the Comms page within the Navigation/Communications tab suite.
CBsDisplays the Circuit Breaker Index page.
Lesson PlanDisplays Lesson Plan Index page.